William Bradley | Age 93


William “Bill” Bradley has passed away at the remarkable age of 93, leaving behind a legacy rich in laughter, wisdom, and kindness.

Bill was a true son of New England, born amidst the turning leaves of Vermont. He served valiantly in World War II, a chapter of his life that shaped his enduring sense of duty and community spirit. Post-war, Bill returned to his roots, where he married his high school sweetheart, Helen, and embarked on a lifelong career in public service. As a city councilman, he was a steadfast advocate for education and local businesses, earning the respect and affection of his peers and constituents.

An avid reader and historian, Bill’s study was a trove of books on American history, and he was often sought after for his knowledge on presidential trivia. His other passion was baseball; he coached Little League long into his retirement, imparting not just the rules of the game but lessons in sportsmanship and teamwork.

Bill’s memory is cherished by his three children, Elizabeth, Charles, and Joseph; seven grandchildren; and a growing circle of great-grandchildren. His wife, Helen, and his brother, Edward, predeceased him.

A beacon of joy and an example of a life well-lived, Bill’s memory will be honored in a service reflecting his values of family and community. The commemoration will be held at the Community Chapel this Sunday, with friends and family gathering at noon to share stories and honor a man who was much more than the sum of his years.


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