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Utah Attorney General Candidate Derek Brown Receives Endorsement from Rep. Blake Moore


From ‍the heart of SALT LAKE CITY, we bring you the latest update on the Utah⁤ attorney ⁢general race.‌ Rep. Blake Moore⁤ has publicly thrown his⁤ support behind Derek Brown, marking the first endorsement from Utah’s ‌House congressional⁤ delegation for the 2024 attorney‌ general primary ⁤election.

Derek⁢ Brown, a well-known ​figure in Utah politics, ‍has previously served as the Utah⁤ GOP chair and counsel to​ two U.S. ‍senators. He is now vying for the attorney⁤ general position as a Republican⁣ candidate. ‍His competitors​ include Rachel Terry, the current director of Utah Division of Risk Management, and ⁣Frank Mylar, a seasoned​ attorney who runs ​his own firm specializing in constitutional litigation.

Moore expressed his admiration for Brown, stating, ‌ “I’m proud to endorse Derek Brown ⁣for attorney general. He’s the epitome of integrity and dependability. His⁣ impressive resume and extensive body of work,⁢ developed over ‍years of hard work and‍ public service, have left a lasting impression on‍ me.‌ I urge you to join ⁣me in supporting⁢ Derek.”

Reacting to ⁢Moore’s endorsement, Brown said, “I’m ‌honored to⁤ have the support of Blake Moore. As⁤ the first ‌Republican from⁣ Utah to be elected ‍to House leadership, ⁢his‌ endorsement‌ speaks volumes ​about our campaign’s momentum.‌ We’re going to continue to work hard to earn every vote as we ⁣approach the June⁤ 25 GOP primary.”

Throughout the‌ campaign, Brown⁣ has received endorsements from other prominent ​figures ⁣such as Sen. ⁤Mike Lee, Gov. Spencer‌ Cox, and former Gov. Gary Herbert.⁣ On the other hand, Mylar has the backing of the‌ former CEO and president of Alliance Defending Freedom, while Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has endorsed Terry.

The primary election is scheduled for June 25. The ‍victor of this race will then compete against Rudy J. Bautista (Democrat), Michelle Quist (United Utah), Austin Hepworth (unaffiliated),​ and Andrew McCullough (Libertarian) in the ​general election.

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