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Iceland’s volcano continues to emit lava and smoke for a second day


COPENHAGEN — For the second day in a row, a volcano located to the south of Iceland’s capital,⁤ Reykjavik, continued to emit smoke and lava, albeit at a reduced rate, as ⁢reported by local authorities.

This eruption, marking the fifth occurrence since December, is noted as the most‍ intense in​ the region since the volcanic systems on the Reykjanes peninsula reactivated three years ago, following an eight-century-long period of dormancy, as per the Icelandic Met Office’s records.

“The volcanic fissure’s activity has seen a significant decrease since yesterday‌ afternoon,” the Icelandic Met Office announced in a statement on Thursday.

The quaint fishing town of ⁢Grindavik, ⁣which saw only a handful of residents return after several homes were engulfed by lava earlier this year, was ‍once again placed under an evacuation order. The ‍nearby Blue Lagoon outdoor spa, a popular tourist ⁣hotspot, was also​ subject to ‌the same order.

Jona Runa Erlingsdottir, who manages a saltfish factory in Grindavik, was⁣ at work when​ the eruption commenced on Wednesday, and a ‌siren echoed throughout the town.

“We had just an hour to tidy up and evacuate,” Erlingsdottir shared with Reuters.

The fish factory, which had resumed operations in⁣ April after being moved to ‍a neighboring town due to the previous eruptions, was surrounded by ‍large dykes built earlier ⁣this year to redirect lava flows away from Grindavik.

“Returning to work ⁢there and seeing ‍the protective walls around the town was a bit surreal. The ​view isn’t the same as before,” she added.

“I doubt Grindavik will ever be the same again. I’m just‍ hoping that this is the last eruption,” Erlingsdottir expressed.

The met office confirmed that the lava flows had reached the dykes surrounding Grindavik, successfully diverting the molten rock‌ westward around the town.

Fortunately, there have been ‍no reported injuries following the ‍eruption.

Despite the volcanic activity, Keflavik airport, the largest in Iceland, continued to operate as usual.

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  1. Disagree – It’s concerning to see the ongoing impact of the volcano on the environment and nearby communities. Let’s hope for everyone’s safety.


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